Young Rembrandt. The Leiden years, 1606-1632

In 2006 the world celebrated the 400th anniversary of the birth of Rembrandt van Rijn – the remarkable painter from Leiden. In honor of this occasion the well-known Dutch art historian and Rembrandt expert Roelof van Straten has written a new book on the master’s early period: Young Rembrandt. The Leiden Years, 1606-1632.

This exhaustive study explores everything known about Rembrandt’s Leiden period: all the paintings, drawings and prints by the master himself, as well as works by the young masters from his circle (Jan Lievens, Gerrit Dou, etc.).
The author in many instances succeeds in a much more precise dating of Rembrandt’s (and Lievens’) early works than is usual in the literature up to now. By means of the chronological order, the reader gets a clear insight into the development of early Rembrandt and Lievens, their mutual influences.
Furthermore, this new study catalogs and describes all known historical documents and numerous details not well known, such as the contacts Rembrandt had with the Court in The Hague.

Young Rembrandt. The Leiden Years is the first complete study on Rembrandt’s early period! Everything about the young Rembrandt and his circle now, for the first time, in one exhaustive and lucidly written story! Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of reproductions, many of them in color.

Beside the main text there are eight historical context papers. With these essays, Rembrandt’s Leiden period is placed in a comprehensive historical and cultural-historical context. Two of these articles were written by Ingrid W.L. Moerman, former Curator of Municipal Museum “De Lakenhal” in Leiden and the world’s leading expert on the subject.

The book contains a comprehensive general alphabetical index as well as a subject index. A concise bibliography offers possibilities for further reading and research.

A unique new Rembrandt study!

Young Rembrandt. The Leiden Years is the new standard work on Rembrandt’s early period. With more than 470 reproductions, many of them in color, it offers a wealth of visual material. This book is really a must for everyone interested in the Dutch 17th Century!


size 28 x 23 cm., lumbacked, double cover.
ca. 365 pages; more than 470 reproductions, many in color.
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ISBN 978 90 75035 22 3
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German edition
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