Petrus Scriverius Harlemensis (1576 – 1660)

At the occasion of his death the Leiden humanist Petrus Scriverius (1576-1660) was characterized as someone who published his own writings or those of others. Financially independent, this antiquarian and philologist published countless books during his long and productive life, among them annotated classical texts and historical treatises.
Scriverius indeed published many works by other authors, especially poetry. We encounter him in learned circles as a composer of laudatory
poems, correspondent or as contributor to alba amicorum. Scriverius is omnipresent in Dutch seventeenth century culture, but relatively unknown.

This volume presents a comprehensive documentation on Scriverius: his life, his works, his contacts, etc. It is the result of many years of
study conducted, guided and stimulated by Dr. Pierre Tuynman (1929-2016) of the former Institute of Neophililogy and Neo-Latin of the University of Amsterdam.

Hardcover, 378 pp.
ISBN: 978 90 75035 49 0
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