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Recollections of Inayat Khan and Western Sufism

The book introduces the English-speaking readers to Theo van Hoorn’s Recollections of Inayat Khan, an indispensable source in the history of Western Sufism that was hitherto accassible only in Dutch.

Theodoor van Hoorn (1887-1957) was an Amsterdam accountant, who was initiated by Inayat Khan in Suresnes in the summer of 1924. He wrote his memoirs during the war, in the winter of 1944-1945. The memoirs are especially on the summer schools in Surenes in 1924 and 1926, providing a loving picture of Inayat Khan, the Murshid. But moreover it is an important “milieu study” of Murshid’s followers.

In a lengthy introductory study Prof. dr. Hendrik J. Horn examines Theo’s engaging essays on a thematic basis so as better to understand the man and his Sufism.

The present volume is lavishly illustrated, offers many hundreds of notes, and is complemented by an Index of Names.



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