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Early Netherlandish Painting

A comprehensive iconographic access to Friedländer’s Early Netherlandish Painting

Early Netherlandish painting (ca. 1435 – 1560) has been a favorite subject of art historical research for many years now. Countless studies on early Netherlandish artists and their oeuvres have been published, and many others will follow. Although it is a somewhat older publication, Max Friedländer’s Early Netherlandish Painting (Leiden, 1967-1976, 14 volumes), providing an almost complete overview, still is the most important general catalogue in the field.
However, as usual, the paintings dealt with in Friedländer are only accessible through names of artists and schools. The researcher interested in a specific subject or any particular iconographic detail will carefully have to work through all volumes and the reproductions therein. Already Erwin Panofsky, in his Early Netherlandish Painting of 1953 has shown that many of the paintings are extremely interesting from an iconographic point of view, but a comprehensive iconographic reference work was still lacking.
A series of iconographic reference works now largely solve this problem, the:

ICONCLASS Indexes: Early Netherlandish Painting

This is a complete iconographic index to Friedländer’s Early Netherlandish Painting, not only referring to main subjects and major details, but indeed to every iconographic particularity that might be interesting from an art historical or cultural historical point of view.
Since 1982, Yassu Frossati-Okayama, historian, has worked on several projects of the University of Leiden, the University of Utrecht, and the Dutch Royal Library. She is known for her magisterial The Ripa-Index. She compiled the Iconclass Indexes on Early Netherlandish Painting with great care and meticulous study, thereby referring to countless relevant scholarly publications.

For students of Early Netherlandish Painting and/or fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Netherlandish culture, the ICONCLASS Indexes: Early Netherlandish Painting must be counted among the indispensible research tools in the field.


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1 The Founders
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2/1 Jerome Bosch and the Second Generation I
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2/2 The Second Generation II
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3/1 The Third Generation I: Northern Artists
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3/2 The Third Generation II: Southern Artists I
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3/3 The Third Generation III: Southern Artists II and Pieter Bruegel
ISBN 978 90 75035 31 5
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