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Netherlandish Bible illustration in the Sixteenth Century

From the beginning of the sixteenth century onward, printed books, and in particular religious books such as the Bible editions slowly became industrial products. Bible illustrations played an important role in the increasing popularity of printed Bibles in the Netherlands, most of which came from Antwerp. The woodcut series of these Bibles were often used in several or even many editions, and succesfull series were used and/or copied over and over again.

After many years of meticulous research, Dr. B.A. Rosier of the Free University of Amsterdam now for the first time brings a comprehensive study on sixteenth-century Netherlandish bible illustration, with an important checklist of illustrated bible editions, which gives full and complete reference to the woodcut illustrations.

FOLEOR Publishers is proud to present: The Bible in Print

In this study Dr. Rosier disentangles the complicated web of use and reuse, of copy, and copy on copy of the usually small blocks, and gives us a vivid insight in the development of Netherlandish Bible illustration in the sixteenth century.

This study and check-list is published in two volumes:

Volume I
Text of the study, and chronological checklist of the Bible-editions, which complete reference to thousands of illustrations. Besides separate chapters on special items, such as the illustrations of the Apocalypse, a number of chapters deal with more general issues, like the relationship between text and images and pictorial traditions.

Volume II
Notes, Indices, Bibliography, and 529 illustrations. Along with the indices we find an extensive iconography index (including an ICONCLASS-concordance), an index of illustrated Bible passages, and an Alphabetical Index.

The Bible in Print will soon be counted amongst the very few indispensable reference works in the field, and should be available in every major library, art-historical institute or theological center.


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