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Full iconographic access to the paintings and drawings by Rembrandt and his School
The importance of Rembrandt’s teachings is not a subject of discussion, and there is no overestimating his influence on a wide circle of mainly Dutch artists. This is also true from an iconographical point of view: many subjects and details painted and drawn by Rembrandt reappear in works by the artists of his school.
Despite the importance of Rembrandt’s oeuvre and the enormous production of his followers, there existed no general iconographical reference work on their paintings and drawings as yet.
FOLEOR Publishers is pleased to have completed a series of iconographic indexes that largely fills this void in art historical documentation, the:
ICONCLASS Indexes: Rembrandt and his School
In a series of six indexes, thousands of paintings and drawings by Rembrandt and his School offers a detailed iconographic access. These volumes are an indispensable tool for the many scholars studying the Dutch Seventeenth Century, as they will be able to find direct references to catalogue texts and reproductions. The series gives immediate access to a vast amount of visual material showing almost every imaginable subject and object occurring in seventeenth-century Dutch art, thereby linking (preparatory) drawings to paintings, and works of the pupils to works of the master, Rembrandt.
Fritz Laupichler, documentalist of art history and long-time Iconclass indexer at the Bildarchiv Foto Marburg (University of Marburg; Germany), compiled the first two index volumes in co-operation with Roelof van Straten, Dutch iconographer and Iconclass specialist, who also compiled the rest of the series.